During the D4 Evolution Event, we have met Mr. Eric Lainé, President of SFIL (Société Française d’Informatique de Laboratoire) an association that among its objectives it has: encouraging the evolution and innovation of IT Laboratories Systems becoming the referent for all Laboratories in France about regulations, privacy, security and use of standard codes, promoting professional training

Manuela Mémin, Dedalus France DIS Product Manager, has recently been nominated among the administrative members of SFIL. We have asked her to describe her particular experience.

Manuela Mémin: SFIL is for me, and obviously for Dedalus, a great opportunities because we can collaborate with all the partners that are involved in the Laboratories market value chain: HW, SW and Services Vendors, Institutions and so on. In this way we can define a roadmap for the most important innovation objectives that we all want to reach.

What is the role of SFIL in in French Health market?

Manuela Mémin: SFIL is involved in many public and institutional meetings and workshops for example with assurances, Ministries, trade unions, scientific societies, etc. During these “events” SFIL supports their members writing guide lines, for example to implement the GDPR regulations for Laboratories with collaboration with CNIL (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés). Furthermor, SFIL plan training courses in collaboration with ANS (National Health Agency) one of these, for exemple, deals about the LOINC code and MSSantè standard (Safe Health Messaging)

What kind of input or motivation this collaboration give to your job?

Manuela MéminUp to now, I can say that my experience is very positive becaouse this association is very active, and it is very challenging because I’ve the possibilities to follow the trends of French laboratories.

In this period, SFIL is working with the specific committee for Quadro #MaSante2022 program and it is involved in the team of “Logiciels de laboratoire et Environnement réglementaire”. We are also engaged in the orgnization of the annual SFIL event scheduled on June 2020.

All these opportunities are important for my role in Dedalus as Product Manager DIS because help us to be up to date and in time with our solutions to the market requests.