On 21st May, Fondazione Poliambulanza was awarded the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Award, promoted by the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory of the “Politecnico di Milano” School of Management, for its project “Mobile technologies in the hospital’s clinical management”, submitted in the section “Impact”.

The project – winner of the Innovation Award in 2014 and validated HIMSS Stage 6 – relies on the use in the Hospital Units of the mobile version of GalileoDedalus solution for the clinical collaboration, through devices such as iPad, iPad mini and bluetooth barcode reader. It was awarded the prize because in the last five years it brought a permanent innovation to the system in terms of impacts and results: patient care and management processes have considerably improved not only in terms of time but also in terms of data safety, completeness and reliability. Furthermore, the adoption of decision support systems, directly available at the patient bed, permitted a higher prescriptive appropriateness, a quicker take on of criticalities, and the reduction of the clinical risk.