Dedalus Group offers to its customers a series of services to support solutions and projects implementation

Outsourcing Services

Dedalus Group capitalised its experience built over decades in healthcare information systems, building up a comprehensive service approach, which guarantees Customers to simplify and optimise operational IT costs.
Dedalus is able to propose itself as a single partner, taking over the existing contracts, simplifying and coordinating them, in order to achieve the customer’s goals in terms of IT, technical and economic results. From software components to organizational design, from infrastructures to technical rooms, from servers to workstations, every aspect is managed by Dedalus alongside the general management and the IT department.
A complete, modern and efficient redesign, which allows the customer to concentrate on the goals to be achieved and their effective measurement.

IT Services

Dedalus Group gained a considerable experience in outsourcing management services and it’s able to deal, in a Global Service approach, with everything necessary – Hardware, Software, Services – to implement the final service expected by the end-user, evaluating the high complexity of the multifaceted nature and interconnection typical of the clinical-healthcare sector.
The services provided include:

  • upgrading and outsourcing management of ICT systems
  • consulting services (Server & Database consolidation, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, etc.)
  • remote services, through the intervention of a specialists’ team, after customer has reported a problem
  • periodic check-up, by remote assistance, of the systems’ condition
  • hardware and software systems support services both for routine maintenance and for complex projects implementation
  • automatic and ongoing monitoring of all events related to the systems, with the performance level report

Customer Service

Dedalus Group offers to its Customers a comprehensive support service, providing innovative technology, expertise and experience.

The Customer Service – operational 24/7 all year round – offers different kinds of support, designed for the specific customers’ needs in the following areas:

  • design and colsulting
  • help desk
  • IT performances monitoring
  • database management
  • IT assessment

The service is provided with continuity and competence from a highly qualified team who intervenes to fully overcome any disruption and restore the optimal use of the systems.