Bologna – Local Health Authority
+ 26% of participation thanks to “Screening Web App”: a new and simple way to interact with the prevention’s services

From September, the Bologna Local Health Authority offers to its citizens a new service that allows them to interact online with the Breast Cancer  screening system, reducing the access to the call center that can finally focus on specific requests for advice and support.

The “Screening Web App” solution by Dedalus was welcomed with great enthusiasm: in short time the news circulated on the “network” through social media.

“Screening Web App” allows to move the appointment set from the screening program to a more convenient date and location for the patient. In this way the Local Health Authority reduced the “no show” and at the same time, increased the citizen’s adhesion to prevention campaign.

Patient involvement: more prevention, better service!

The “Screening Web App” solution is a component of the Dedalus Screening Suite. It can be activated both from the organisation Portal and as a stand-alone solution.