A project for teleassistance and monitoring of chronic patients launched in early March “revolutionised” to respond to an unanticipated emergency. This is how the #ACCASA project in Puglia was born. The Puglia region working group, AReSS, family doctors, healthcare professionals and Dedalus as technological partner set up a complete system in less than a month to monitor and manage the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • not just an "app"
  • not just a phone consultation service
  • not just telemonitoring

but ALL of this in ONE system!

The Project

#ACCASA operates a web app created by Dedalus-Dromedian that allows users to do a preliminary self-diagnosis for themselves or those who need it. This form is sent to the portal which allows operators to categorise the information received and schedule any necessary specialised support home interventions (swab, medication and assistance).

GPs can access the system and monitor their patients, flagging those who are particularly frail or with chronic conditions, and also carry out telephone triage.

The system provides teleconsultation and is compatible with diagnostic devices that can be used by the patient for telemonitoring.

According to Michele Emiliano, the Governor of the Puglia region: “This system of technological innovation, created for the emergency, will allow us to be closer to all people of Puglia, and can also be used in the future for non-Covid related illnesses”.

Vision, collaboration, investment!