A project for teleassistance and monitoring of chronic patients to be started in early March “revolutionized” to respond to an unimaginable emergency. The Puglia Region working group, AReSS, Family Doctors, Healthcare Professionals and Dedalus, as a technological partner, “around the virtual table”, with decision, set up a complete system in less than a month.

  • not just an "app"
  • not just a "teleconsultation" service
  • not only telemonitoring "

but ALL of this in ONE system!

The Project

“#ACCASA” provides the web app created by Dedalus-Dromedian that allows citizens to do a first self-diagnosis for themselves or for people who need it. This form is sent to the portal which allows operators to categorize the information received and schedule any specialized support home interventions (swab, drugs and other exams).

GP’s can access to the system and follow their patients thanks to a telephone triage activities.

In fact, the System allows televisit and Telemonitoring because the project foresees a lot of “KITs” of diagnostic devices.

For the President of the Puglia Region, Michele Emiliano “this system, created for the emergency, will allow us to be closer to the citizens. Thanks to this technological architecture, we can also expand it to follow all chronical patients”.

Vision, collaboration, investment!