In order to access the greater funding of the NHS, the regions must fulfill precise requirements in the provision of Essential Levels of Assistance (LEA). The LEA Committee has to periodically monitor the appropriateness and efficiency in the provision of healthcare services.

Thanks to the “Colorectal Screening” Project, the Puglia Region earns 30 points and exceeds the critical threshold, moving from the 4 years ago level 155 to the present 185.

“The regions that obtain scores below 160 show various critical issues, in particular in the prevention area (screening and vaccination coverage) and in the territorial one (residential elderly and disabled)”.

Ministry of Health: LINK
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The project was carried out in collaboration with Dedalus. It involves citizens who are over the age of 50. The local pharmacies distribute a special KIT to collect the samples and they send it to the laboratories for the test. Citizens with a malignant diagnosis will proceed with the treatments while a personalized follow-up pathway is provided to citizens with an uncertain diagnosis.

The Colorectal Screening project is part of the Puglia region SCRAP project which provides a synergy between Dedalus clinical and diagnostics solutions in order to manage a care pathway that integrates:

  • Regional Patient Medical Record
  • Healthcare Patient Portal
  • Regional Healthcare Booking
  • General Practitioners

a highly integrated project that will become D4 compliant in 2020

Some data:

  • 6 LHA
  • 1,160,000 citizens
  • 250 pharmacies
  • 25 digestive endoscopy services
  • 6 laboratories
  • 6 anatomical pathologies
  • about 15 surgery departments
  • GP

Monthly effort foreseen by the fully operational project:

  • 60,000 invitations
  • at least 12,000 laboratory tests
  • at least 1,000 colonscopy exams
  • at least 400 anatomical pathology reports for polypectomies or biopsies
  • about 50 surgeries