The current and future clinical-healthcare needs require a radical change of paradigm: from the “episode” approach to the “continuum of care” approach, with the person and its needs at the very and real centre of the process

Oncologic Process

With its solutions, Dedalus Group can precisely address the specific needs of the different steps of the oncologic process, from primary care to screening campaigns, to the diagnosis, to the full support in drug lifecycle and end-of-life activities. In addition to this “vertical” and specific support, thanks to its Population Health Management X-Value platform, the Group offers an approach based on the collaboration among all the clinical stakeholders involved in the different steps of the process, assuring the continuum of care and the patient involvement

Cardiologic Process

Thanks to an approach focused on the collaboration among all the clinicians involved, made possible using the X-Value Population Health Management platform, Dedalus Group supports the different steps of the process, both point by point and crosswise, ensuring continuum of care and patient involvement.


Primary Care

Early Detection



Ambulatory EMR