On 1st March, PCS, fully complying with all the requirements, achieved SISS certification stage 1 for the process of patient’s total care at Lombardy Region.

The system, interacting with the SISS (Social and Health Care Information System) and with User and Patient Cards in real time, permits to check the patient enrolment, to download the information related to patients with chronic diseases and to stipulate the “Care Agreement”. This innovative element, exclusively present in the Lombardy Region’s model for approaching chronic diseases, requires the patient to enter into a real contract with a managing body for his “total care”, that is, from prescription to supply of all the services related to his care pathway.

The certification work, which took place at “West Milan” health bureau, was carried out by the Area Project Manager and Catania and Bologna development teams, and involved PCS and SissWare applications. The start-up of the Services Center and the activation of Clinical Managers that will draft individual Care Plans for the citizens took place in 7th March.

For further information: simone.vigano@dedalus.eu or christian.fedeli@dedalus.eu