10 December 2019: San Camillo De Lellis Hospital

25 November 2019: Muscatello Hospital of Syracuse

23 September, 2019 ASST Ovest Milanese

1st July 2019 Poliambulanza Foundation – Certified Hospital Institute – HIMSS EMRAM Stage 6


Rieti, 10 December 2019: no training, but a natural support during the first patient prescription. The doctor of the San Camillo De Lellis Hospital in charge of Medical Oncology Department used, after only 10 minutes of training, the P4C component to prescribe therapy to all her patients, without Dedalus support.


The nursing and even the doctor wanted to immediately share their impressions with us:

Changing drips is no longer a problem! I don’t have to remember when to do it because the System alerts me! “” Ah, but it takes two clicks to administer drug! “; “I can clearly understand what I have to do on my turn and see, today, what I’ll have to do tomorrow”; “Very convenient, easy to change delivery times” “It’s simple, there are no problems

“Both the drug notes and the control on drug interactiand, but also the decision support system are very useful”             “Simple, fast, effective”, “Finally a clear schematization for anticoagulant therapy”

“When do you also install it from me? (Head of another Department)

From the end of November 2019, doctors and nurses of the E. Muscatello ASP hospital in Syracuse started to use P4C Therapy. Having planned a rollout in 3-weeks, the goal was reached in 4 days.

Some numbers to date …

Departments: Cardiology, UTIC, Neurology and Internal Medicine

Number of prescriptions: 357

Number of administrations: 1217

… and the comments of the nursing clinical staff involved …

…This software therapy is easier than the previous one.

… In this way we can complete the patient ward tour in a moment!

… Ah, we can finally dose the insulin easily.

… Prescribing an infusion is no longer a problem.


Once again P4C demonstrates the value of its design in terms of ergonomics, completeness, availability of information, easiness of use, corresponding to the expectations of professionals in a complex path such as the therapies management.