On November 20th 2019 at the Congress Center of Rome and on December 3rd in Milan on the day dedicated to MICO’s Open Source Day, Dedalus in collaboration with Extra Red, presented the success story “Customer 0 for D4 solutions in Cloud Hybrid”.

First realization in the health world of a hybrid cloud with container technology based on micro-services.

By design, Dedalus D4 components are enabled for cloud architectures to facilitate the optimization of costs and provisioning times.

The hybrid cloud design of “Customer 0” has allowed Dedalus to test the overall performance of its solutions, connecting new generation components with legacy applications – in a single management system.

The use case of the Customer “0”, in stress testing at each application release, presented interesting quality levels, such as to make the model replicable in Healthcare Facilities that intended to gradually migrate their solutions to cloud systems while having, for a period of time, to keep some legacy applications in operation.

This architecture provides portability, orchestration and workload management.

Main Advantages are:

  • Resource consolidation
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Moving workloads between environments


For more information:  daniel.amodeo@dedalus.eu