On September 23 P4C went live for drug therapy management in the Vascular Surgery Unit of ASST Ovest Milanese.
The deep commitment and involvement of clinicians and nursing, the software’s completeness and ergonomics, allowed to succeed in a tough challenge: start to use of the system without classroom training, directly on the job.

“Initially I was skeptical, I’m not very used to technology, but I have to say that I found the system easier than I expected.”

“The steps forward in terms of process security are remarkable …!”

“The 24-hour maximum dosage control ensures greater patient safety …!”

“The virtual drug scared me, yet it’s so useful!”

These are some of the protagonist’s voices.

After a week, even Vascular Surgery Day Hospital and Low Surgical Intensity units went live.
The project will extend P4C drug therapy to all ASST Ovest Milanese Departments.