All new hires will be immediately involved in an induction training project intended to raise awareness of “who we are”, “what we want” and “where we are going”. We talked about it with Gianni Luongo, Dedalus HR Training & Management Specialist.

G. Luongo: For some time, both the Management and Operational levels of the entire Company has developed the need for ad hoc training for new collaborators that makes them easily aware of the working context in which they will be involved. Making people feel in the right place and transmitting them our values, vision and tools as much correctly and coherently as possible is fundamental to create the basis for effective collaboration.

Usually, in our company the work is focused on the territory and it takes place at the customers’ sites, not always in a Dedalus team; for this reason, the new colleagues must immediately feel themselves part of the Dedalus group, being reassured by the knowledge and competence of other professionals who will be able to support her/him in her/his daily activities.

How is Dedalus’ induction traning structured?

The Induction training is a very intense 5-day program that will take place at the D4 Center.  The “new colleagues” will directly experience this essential laboratory focused on internationalization, innovation, training, skills, solutions and evolution of services.

The project includes: one day for sharing the company vision and mission with the HR Team and the intervention of the President of theDedalus Holding, one day for the presentation of the context in which we operate (the public,  private  and primary care health care markets, etc.), then two days dedicated to processes, offer components and new development lines in D4 architecture; finally a day dedicated to compulsory training.

Will colleagues from longer time in Dedalus also be able to learn about the messages given during this event?

As already mentioned, initially this format was designed for new hired people between the end of 2019 and January 2020. Thereafter it will be scheduled for the further new hires on a monthly basis. However, we think we can make videos of the scheduled sessions to disseminate them to all Dedalus colleagues, as the transformations in progress are very rapid and important

Rif: Gianni Luongo: