During the first six months of 2019, C4H (the ERP solution of Dedalus) went live in Italy at ARPAL of Genova and at Istituti Zoo Profilattici in Palermo.

Regional Agency for the Protection of the Ligurian Environment has 5 offices spread over the territory.

Istituti Zoo Profilattici of Palermo is present with 5 offices in the Sicilian territory.

These two Organizations have found in C4H a particularly fitting answer to their needs for Accounting and Logistics.

In fact, despite being Public Structures, both have an important line of Business towards the Private Sector.

This peculiarity determined the need to manage in a single solution both the classical accounting of the Public Administration and, at the same time, the needs of a typical active business cycle of private realities.

Thanks to these two new implementations, C4H establishes itself on the Italian market as the only Administrative Accounting and Logistics ERP capable of fully satisfying the needs expressed by a single reality for both the public and private sectors!