What challenges does an ER face today?
Just open any newspaper to find the answer:

  • a greater integration with the local emergency network
  • timeliness
  • safety
  • training and continuous professionals’ updating on standard and shared protocols,
  • consolidation capable of maintaining organizational autonomy and care paths for each site,

and much more…


ER4H is the new Dedalus component for the First Aid Departments and it is released follow with the previous purposes.
In 2019, 27 Emergency Structures were launched with great professionalism and coordination:

  • LHA Romagna: n ° 14 (6 PS and 8 PPI)
  • LHA Tuscany center: n ° 8
  • LHAToscana Nord Ovest: n ° 5 (+ n ° 7 already activated in 2018)
  • LHA Tuscany South East: n ° 5


What are the ingredients of this fast diffusion?

  • High configurability: it creates emergency networks and care pathways that optimize processes and integrations with other specialists
  • Emergency care pathways: the system differentiates the care process management and it allow to create new paths in according to the evolutions and diagnoses.
  • National Health System protocols for levels of urgency and appropriateness: they allow to follow shared standards for greater safety and good health outcomes
  • Patient and family right to be informed: through notification methods and data sharing between the person concerned and the medical / nursing staff.
  • Clinical Communication: through the management of each pathway processing step and care line alerting system
  • Project D4: ER4H is now connected to all corporate and territorial services through the D4 Picasso integration bus


The implementation of BI4H Business Intelligence module inside of ER4H is among the most appreciated benefits by Emergency Urgency staff both in Emilia Romagna and in Tuscany. It allows workload’s evaluation, idenitifying the organization areas to be improved.


The activation of new structures continues in 2020:

  • Lombardy Region, ASST Valle Olona: 4 emergency structures (2 already activated in January). The system is activated within the SISS scenarios envisaged for First Aid services.
  • AUSL Romagna: completion of the project with the PS of Cesena and Forlì
  • Lombardy Region: activation of the system at the PS of the Buzzi Hospital in Milan
  • Lombardy Region: activation at A.O Lecco (2 emergency structures).


It is also expected to start the computerization project of all the DPs in the Abruzzo Region (18 Emergency structures for 4 LHA), as well as other structures in the Lombardy Region.