We want to say thank to Prof. L. Gesualdo, Professor of Nephrology at the University of Bari, who gave us this short interview in which he tells how his Team and Health Structure decided to manage, during the most acute phase of the pandemic, the need to “be close and proactive”, not “abandoning” one’s patients.


Prof. Gesualdo:

We have been talking about Telemedicine for a long time, but unfortunately very structured experiences of this type of care have not been achieved in Italy. We can say that “the Covid 19 emergency” has highlighted the real need for this service with qualified and safe market solutions.

Our hospital has always focused on innovation and to respond to the needs of this period has decided to implement the Dedalus C4C Meeting software integrated with our internal systems.

The benefits achieved are varied, while being close to my patients, perhaps in a particular active way than before. Some of them have expressed positive opinions to me because we can “evaluate their condition” without necessarily having to move to reach the hospital. The “virtual” has not moved away, but has favored an empathy given by not having felt “neglected”. I’m not talking about the first visits, but about many cases, such as follow ups, which can be managed in this way.

C4C Meeting is simple, complete, I don’t have to change the application to activate it, but directly from the medical record I start the Televisit, while displaying the patient’s data.

Patients also feel more involved in the path of treatment: if, for example, blood chemistry tests are necessary, they send them to me by email, I register them in the EMR and in this way the dosage is calibrated.

Now, we would also like to extend to patients with rare diseases and to fragile patients.