Our D4 Evolution Event took place on January 23rd. On this occasion, our colleague Camille turned into an interpreter for the morning presentations.

First of all, thank you for playing the Q&A game with us. Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

Camille: I initially studied law.I did a Masters Degree in French and English law. I am a native speaker of both French and English and I was especially interested in international law. I discovered that I enjoyed the legal translation class and it led me to pursue a degree in translation and interpreting in Wales, of which the specialty was both legal and medical. I really wanted to discover this field which I did not know, and it was a real challenge. This degree gave me more opportunities. This brought me to do a traineeship in the Translation Department of the European Commission in Brussels, which encouraged me to work as a freelancer. I then started to think that I needed a more human working environment. And here I am at Dedalus!

Why work in a company like Dedalus and precisely in the export team? Can we assume that you are quite at ease in a multicultural environment?

Camille: I have always been attracted to international environments and I think that learning languages allows us to understand people and their culture – it gives us more humility. This is what I like about Dedalus. I was warmly welcomed in the Export team, which is relatively small and this allows for an enjoyable working atmosphere where I was able to fully put my knowledge and skills in practice. Indeed, thanks to my studies I learnt vocabulary and translation techniques which are typical of the medical field, but translation is not only about skills , it is also about adapting content for other systems and cultures. The job also gives the opportunity to work with other departments such as legal or communications, which is enriching and creates a real synergy and great teamwork.

So let’s get back to the D4 Evolution event. How did the interpreting go? And would you like to do it again?

Camille: I got the impression that it went quite well, even though I had not done it for quite a while. I must admit that it was easier to interpret for Giorgio Moretti and Frederic Vaillant because their speeches were both teased during the Sales Kick-Off a few days earlier. I had fun practising interpreting their presentations by muttering during the Kick-Off. I interpreted two other presentations during the event. I was quite stressed at the start because with simultaneous interpreting there is no second chance. One has to concentrate from the beginning all the way  through. As well as preparing with the documents on my side, it was also a real pleasure to work with another interpreter. I would love to do it again!

Would you like to add anything?

Camille: A colleague and I enjoy joking together in Welsh, so here’s to her :  Mae’n anrhydedd ac yn bleser ( It is not only a pleasure but also an honour)


Thank you Camille