After the success of the first edition, we have decided to reboot the experience.
On January 23, 2020 in Paris, we launched the second edition of our D4 Evolution event.

A strategic day marked by exchange and sharing with key players in the health sector. There were two parts to the day: the morning was dedicated to conferences, and the afternoon allowed our clients to learn more about our solutions through workshops.

Frederic Vaillant – CEO Dedalus France – opened the show with his speech, speaking to customers and guests about the three most important “evolution projects” in the D4 Architecture: the first implementation of P4C with DxEvo at the Fondation Adolphe de Rothschildthe first C4C meeting for multidisciplinary care at the Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph; finally a partnership with Dedalus to set up an innovative IT Digital Information System based on the D4 Architecture at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Montpellier, one of the most important Public Hospital Centers (CHU).

For Thomas Le Ludec – Head of the University Hospital of Montpellier – the pyramid in place over the last forty years went from a strategic top which decided on an Information System and “locked” practices. However, Mr Le Ludec explains that there is a need to turn this upside down in order for clinicians to be permanently involved in designing digitalization processes – which are natively associated to clinical reasonings.

Last year, the aim of the event was to present the technical architecture of our D4 solutions and enable the evolution. As Giorgio Moretti insisted, the Clinical Knowledge Portal is the strategic environment that transforms traditional IT solutions into modern Clinical Information Systems supporting the clinicians during their daily activities.

Thomas Le Ludec highlighted what healthcare structures want from the Industry: “Not only must an Information System be technically reliable and ensure a high level of availability for maximum security in supporting a large number of individuals simultaneously – the solution must also be ergonomic.”

Dominique Pon, Strategic director of the digital transformation of health for the French Ministry of Health and Director of the Pasteur clinic in Toulouse (France), then concluded by insisting on the necessity of a collective approach towards the digital transformation of healthcare. All the stakeholders in the sector must use the same standards, rules and repositories in order to establish common foundations. The whole structure will thus be solid.

The workshops were an opportunity for our clients to discover solutions in depth. A great interest has registered about CKP, and about the mobility solution Quarness, in addition to Artificial Intelligence, safety within the oncology workflow with the Pharmoduct robot, Business Intelligence with BI4H, digital pathology with S4H, and also the DxCare roadmap vs D4, among others..

The magic of the day went on with Hiro, our magician and mentalist. To stay in our world, we challenged Hiro to add a poetic, innovative note to his show.