Florence, 4 November 2019.

It is very easy to reach the D-Four Center Dedalus: sboth from the Airport and from the Santa Maria Novella Station, a few stops with the new tramway and here we are for a brief interview with Luca Fontana Elliott Head of the D-Four Center.

About a year after the inauguration of the D-Four Center what are the main innovations implemented?

Thank you for the opportunity to presents the efforts that many Italian and foreign teams made and are making to activate the D-Four Center: from one side an internal Coworking space to develop our new D-Four paradigm and on the other an example of a showroom unique in the Italian healthcare market. There have been several attempts in the past carried out by realities also important in the healthcare IT world, but in my opinion this case is very specific, because it is born, certainly, aiming to be a “showcase” of the Dedalus philosophy and solutions, but also to realize i the so-called Customer 0, where it is possible to perform quality assurance, performance tests, non-regression tests and integration of new components. Therefore, it is a real Hospital in continuous evolution that naturally will represent the best offer to propose to market.

What processes are “active” today?

Many efforts have been made in recent months to give Customers, Partners and Prospects the opportunity to view their typical daily processes supported from new Dedalus components. Specifically, we worked to activate: P4C, C4C_Meeting, the first versions of C4C, R4C, A4H, C4H, S4H, the recent CKP and of course the D4 architecture. However, more than 50 applications are available on the Customer 0.

How do you plan a tour at the D4Center?

Typically, sales or presales people alert us filling a form detailing the request and the days that the Customer or Prospect would have identified. From that moment starts the organization that also involves Product Managers, in collaboration of sales area, to manage expectations and characteristics of the use cases to be presented.

Can you give us some numbers about the visitors you welcome till today?

The presences were varied and numerous: Humanitas, Villa Maria Group, Poliambulanza, a delegation from the Tuscany Region and Acea, then some French customers such as: Saint Joseph of Paris, CHU Poitiers, AP-HP (the largest European Hospital Trust), the Rothschild Foundation but also partners like Zebra, Oizo, Microsoft and Huawei and a delegation from South Africa. We also have in pipeline a full calendar of new visits in November with the presence of the Chinese Ministry of Health. All visitors reported positive feedback on what was presented. My goal for 2020 is to systematize feedback, pursuing a continuous improvement.

What are you planning for 2020?

The plan provides the completion of the Virtual Hospital with the equipment of the Operating Room.

Today we already have:

  • Waiting room with Indoor navigation (a solution that maps Hospital rooms and locations to guide people, that can be used even to track patients or physical objects movements
  • Zero Code System and Totem for check-in, payment and self-withdrawal of reports (in collaboration with Dromedian)
  • Patient Check-in (Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency) with our solutions
  • Visit’s Room with P4C and C4C, but also multidisciplinary meeting and phlebotomy scenarios
  • Medical room for clinicians collaboration
  • Nursing room with P4C for tasks management
  • Chemotherapy Compounding Lab with Pharmoduct robot integrated with the prescription system
  • Finally, the diagnostics: Laboratory and Pathological Anatomy with Digital Pathology (also present a slide scanner provided by Hamamatsu) and the new S4H solution for Digital Imaging (including Digital Pathology) (in collaboration with O3)

I would like to remember that the Virtual Hospital also aims to be a Usability Lab where we can test our solutions with new technological assets in order to improve their usability.

Regarding Customer 0, I’m planning to extend its use to integrations and tests and also enable foreign language for Demos (on this we are already moving on the French and Spanish language), systematizing at the same time the use of demo machines on the Italian market.

We are continuously evolving and thanks to storyboards that sales and pre-sales will want to share with us, we will be increasingly able to create configurations answering to market needs.

Even if our tour does not end with this interview, do you want to anticipate some news?

At the beginning of 2020 I’m planning to setup an update on the state of the art of sales and pre-sales initiatives, and for this I would be happy to collect real needs from these groups to improve our work and make it more and more effective for the market.

Thank you very much and see you soon!
For Information: luca.fontana@dedalus.eu