The new Dedalus
Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world. The shareholding structure ensures stability and great financial capacity through the presence of Ardian, the largest private investment company in Europe and 4th in the world. Starting in 2016, Dedalus has decided to accelerate its expansion strategy by targeting a growing demand for innovative and comprehensive ICT and Clinical transformation solutions.
With the acquisition of Agfa Healthcare IT, Dedalus consolidates its leadership as pan-European player in healthcare software industry, with a market leading position in Hospital IT (HCIS) and Diagnostic (DIS) in Germany, Italy and France, with a strong footprint in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, China, Brazil and several locations in the Latin America, Middle East and Africa, reaching over 30 different countries.
Today Dedalus employs over 3,400 highly skilled resources; it has the largest R&D software team in the sector in Europe with more than 1,100 people.
Thanks to its undisputed cutting-edge portfolio of leading the new generation solutions, Dedalus covers the whole spectrum of needs for healthcare operators, supporting over 5000 hospitals and 4800 laboratories around the world.

Our Path to Innovation
Dedalus believes Healthcare can be innovated and transformed with a progressive, incremental and open approach, giving the client the entire mastery and control of the timeline of their Digital Transformation journeys. The D-Four framework and philosophy permits to use new components and services , enabling additional functionalities to the existing solutions, like Orbis U, without causing any disruption of the inflight evolutionary plans and accelerating the path to innovation.
Therefore , the healthcare professionals and organizations can deploy at scale the innovation , introduced by the new D4 components , in the context of their process and systems. By gradually introducing more D4 enabled components and services , the entire suite of solutions will be completely modernized , avoiding the disruption and complexity related to the replacement process (complex migrations, data migration and integrity, inconvenience for professionals, high Total Cost of ownership, etc.).
The modernization approach of the Agfa Healthcare IT branch , now part of the Dedalus group, was built on the same path , in terms of framework, technology and methodology. The combined teams reinforce and accelerate the new native cloud Dedalus portfolio , based on the micro-services enabled platform, enabling the retro-compatibility paradigm for the evolution of the “legacy” software.

Help Clinicians and Nurses to deliver a better care to their served communities.
Make a very special job, everyday

The Healthcare ecosystems deliver mission critical services and tasks in an highly complex and fast changing environment. A radical change of the healthcare service delivery paradigm is happening: shifting from the “episode centric” approach to the “continuum of care” approach, with the person’s needs at the very center of the solution design process.
With its innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented suite of solutions, Dedalus Group aims to enable such a revolutionary transformation for all healthcare organizations, for Caregivers and Professionals and for the Patients and Citizens.
Our mission is to enable and enhance clinical cooperation and processes optimization with a incrementally deploy approach to protect our customers’ past investments. Each person, as a complex individual with several and evolving needs, is the end point and the starting point of the Group’s activities and the ultimate beneficiary. For this reason, we are so proud of doing a «very special job» each day.

An example of innovation to transform Health Care
The innovation for Dedalus means to engage with Caregivers, Healthcare Professionals, Healthcare Policy Makers, Patients and Citizens to understand and anticipate the roadblocks to the digital transformation to improve the Quality of Care . In Dedalus we live and breathe the importance of the clinical collaboration in the new Care Delivery, the care delivery at distance, the dynamic implementation of the clinical best practices, the real time sharing of the knowledge at the point of care, the continuity of care along the life of a citizen, the integrated care around the patient across the entire ecosystem and the patient engagement : all of them are needed to enable the evolution and transformation of the healthcare Delivery models. Dedalus has recently launched the Clinical Knowledge Portal, a disruptive solution based on the D-Four platform, to enable the “medical data driven” clinical collaboration among Caregivers and Research personnel, addressing the complexity of sharing clinical information processed and stored in multi-vendor EMRs and disparate System of Records. As Dedalus embraces the open data architecture, the Clinical Knowledge Portal, underpinned by D-Four, is open to the contribution of other medical knowledge providers, as a market place to foster the medical collaboration.

Acting close to the Patient with the ambition to transform Country-wide HC system
The multi-years experience acquired in each healthcare process optimisation in countries like Germany, Italy, France and others, makes Dedalus well positioned to optimize and transform regional and national Health Care systems, in particular in those Countries targeting a more viable economic sustainability, higher quality of service to citizens and improved care quality to the served Population.

The name of Dedalus
The myth says , in the 2000 BC, Dedalo, the first known architect of the story, designed and built the Knossos Palace : an incredible and marvellous building; with the surprising labyrinth, built internally : the labyrinth represents the journey to thrive and search the knowledge.
In the 1220 AC the archetype of the first gothic cathedral was completed in Chartres (France). An incredible and marvelous building; with , inside, the labyrinth: again, it represents the journey to the knowledge.

Dedalus is our Company name; it is written using the Latin, the universal language of Europe and Middle East for more than 1500 years.
Dedalus company, too, is an incredible and marvelous “building” and it is the path to improve the knowledge.
Our daily mission and passion, expressed in our software based solutions, is to enable the caregivers to build and share the clinical knowledge
We do something special by helping clinicians and nurses to deliver a better care to the served communities : Life flows through our software