Established in Florence, Italy, in 1982, today Dedalus S.p.A. heads a leading international Industrial Group in the clinical healthcare software field and holds a primary position in market segments of both public and private healthcare – a highly strategic sector for national economic system.
The prestigious international ranking company KLAS placed Dedalus and Medasys third in the listings for new clinical projects at world level. An extraordinary acknowledgement, considering that it is rarely assigned to non-American companies.
In 2006 Dedalus began a project to bring together the best companies operating in the Italian healthcare ICT sector. After acquiring a majority share in Noemalife S.p.A at the end of July 2016, and the delisting in October of the same year, nine companies from both Dedalus and Noemalife Group merged into Dedalus in April 2017 – a process sustained by the acquisition of many minority shares held by various companies within two groups.
Eight months after Noemalife was acquired by Dedalus, the integration process of the two companies reached completion, resulting in the creation of Europe’s biggest player in the Hospital Information System sector.
Since 2009 Dedalus has started its internationalization process through its solution for interoperability and cooperation, the X-Value platform. With over 1,500 hospitals in 30 countries, hundreds of Health Authorities and more than 23,000 General Practitioners in Italy, Dedalus represents the highest level of functional experience and completeness in ICT systems supporting clinical-healthcare processes. With tens of millions of Euros invested every year in R&D, many new products and more in pipeline, Dedalus offer is unique in the world. The group is also engaged in the design and global redesign of clinical and healthcare processes at international level, in areas where its wide and deep domain expertise is maximised.
Dedalus constantly reinforces its positioning in each segment of healthcare IT market through an innovative approach, based on software development to support the interoperability and cooperation among general practice, territorial and hospital systems and to facilitate the optimization of administrative management as well as the administration of the best treatment, thanks to the continuous and real-time exchange of fundamental patient information at all stages of his life: birth, paediatric and adult age, ageing.