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A clear and decisive investment plan: effective and efficient project to link all the phases of diagnosis-care-assistance (Diagnostic Therapeutic Assistance Path – PDTA) with rehabilitation activities., Systematizing the construction of the individual rehabilitation program.

Complete renewal the IT system from Patient Administration System, to Care, Rehabilitation and Nursing in more than 18 structures, distributed in 6 Italian regions.
A plan that Clinical Institutes Salvatore Maugeri (ICSM) has decided to bring next to Dedalus.
A project with D4 architecture!


Paolo Migliavacca – CEO of ICSM

The digitalization of the service and processes to patients care were one of the foundations of the program started from the moment in which I was entrusted as CEO of ICSM. I could count on the collaboration of colleagues with real motivation, experience and skills, a turning point in the management and operating methods of what is the “core” of the structure: rehabilitation medicine.

It was necessary to re-engineer the processes and the management of the PDTAs in a continuum of care, to increase the perceived and effectively delivered quality, to register the outcomes, to be able to improve them, and to promote patient services.

All this has led us to identify Dedalus as the main partner, to be able to offer software solutions that make it possible to standardize the clinical approach and to integrate of the innovative instrumentation present in our Digital Gyms.

In summary: my goal is to create a unique and dynamic system for making decisions, evaluating paths, based on diagnosis and comorbidity, starting from standardized diagnostic and therapy protocols, which are declined according to the actual conditions of the patients.

Tiziana Ranieri – Director of Private Health Dedalus

In choosing to adhere to ICSM’s highly challenging project, we have considered the customer’s interest and determination in uncommon solutions on the market and in total harmony with our D4 vision. Thanks to our Delivery and R&D colleagues, professionals with important skills both in design, implementation and development in healthcare, we are realizing this project in a tight time frame that will allow us to give visibility to our architecture also to other customers.

ICSM is therefore for Dedalus an important construction site for the new D4 Architecture and its components: A4H – C4H – P4C – C4C.

De Nardi – CIO of ICSM

Interoperability is at the base of this project and the definition of a common semantics constitutes the fundamental brick. Furthermore, the presence in 6 regions obliges us to comply with the rules of each, both as nomenclators and as regional integration processes.

D4 is allowing this communication between encodings, registries and performances by standardizing them through a single “interpreter”. Today you can refer to TACs in Cassano in Pavia, you can manage multidisciplinary meetings involving professionals in the area who are able to analyze online all the patient’s documentation.

We are also working to offer services to citizens to collect reports, reservations / payments via totem and smartphone, and manage physical routes within the structure. The choice of a micro-services architecture like the D4 together with the backward compatibility with the “old” solutions will facilitate the realization of such a large and complex project.

Thanks, a Case History that is worth following and deepening step by step!

Italy: ERP C4H

During the first six months of 2019, C4H (the ERP solution of Dedalus) went live in Italy at ARPAL of Genova and at Istituti Zoo Profilattici in Palermo.

Regional Agency for the Protection of the Ligurian Environment has 5 offices spread over the territory.

Istituti Zoo Profilattici of Palermo is present with 5 offices in the Sicilian territory.

These two Organizations have found in C4H a particularly fitting answer to their needs for Accounting and Logistics.

In fact, despite being Public Structures, both have an important line of Business towards the Private Sector.

This peculiarity determined the need to manage in a single solution both the classical accounting of the Public Administration and, at the same time, the needs of a typical active business cycle of private realities.

Thanks to these two new implementations, C4H establishes itself on the Italian market as the only Administrative Accounting and Logistics ERP capable of fully satisfying the needs expressed by a single reality for both the public and private sectors!

"Screening Web App": a new and simple way to interact with the prevention’s services

Bologna – Local Health Authority
+ 26% of participation thanks to “Screening Web App”: a new and simple way to interact with the prevention’s services

From September, the Bologna Local Health Authority offers to its citizens a new service that allows them to interact online with the Breast Cancer  screening system, reducing the access to the call center that can finally focus on specific requests for advice and support.

The “Screening Web App” solution by Dedalus was welcomed with great enthusiasm: in short time the news circulated on the “network” through social media.

“Screening Web App” allows to move the appointment set from the screening program to a more convenient date and location for the patient. In this way the Local Health Authority reduced the “no show” and at the same time, increased the citizen’s adhesion to prevention campaign.

Patient involvement: more prevention, better service!

The “Screening Web App” solution is a component of the Dedalus Screening Suite. It can be activated both from the organisation Portal and as a stand-alone solution.

“Now I can clearly understand who recorded the prescription and when; the system lowers the possibility of making mistakes"

On September 23 P4C went live for drug therapy management in the Vascular Surgery Unit of ASST Ovest Milanese.
The deep commitment and involvement of clinicians and nursing, the software’s completeness and ergonomics, allowed to succeed in a tough challenge: start to use of the system without classroom training, directly on the job.

“Initially I was skeptical, I’m not very used to technology, but I have to say that I found the system easier than I expected.”

“The steps forward in terms of process security are remarkable …!”

“The 24-hour maximum dosage control ensures greater patient safety …!”

“The virtual drug scared me, yet it’s so useful!”

These are some of the protagonist’s voices.

After a week, even Vascular Surgery Day Hospital and Low Surgical Intensity units went live.
The project will extend P4C drug therapy to all ASST Ovest Milanese Departments.

New installations of the ERP solution C4H

During the first six months of the year, Dedalus’ ERP solution C4H has been started in two new market niches: the first involves the Regional Agencies for the Protection of Environment, with the startup of C4H at Genova Agency and the second involves the sector of Zooprophylactic Institutes, with an installation at Palermo Institute.

Despite being Public Bodies, the organizations pertaining to these two sectors have a significant business segment involving the private, peculiarity for which C4H logistic and accounting solution turns out to be particularly successful, as it offers a complete and efficient accounts receivable module in a suite designed to manage the conventional accounting of Public Administration.

Thanks to these two new implementations, C4H is certainly the only ERP currently on the market able to fully meet the needs of these two sectors.

The Digital Innovation in Healthcare Award 2019 goes to Fondazione Poliambulanza

On 21st May, Fondazione Poliambulanza was awarded the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Award, promoted by the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory of the “Politecnico di Milano” School of Management, for its project “Mobile technologies in the hospital’s clinical management”, submitted in the section “Impact”.

The project – winner of the Innovation Award in 2014 and validated HIMSS Stage 6 - relies on the use in the Hospital Units of the mobile version of GalileoDedalus solution for the clinical collaboration, through devices such as iPad, iPad mini and bluetooth barcode reader. It was awarded the prize because in the last five years it brought a permanent innovation to the system in terms of impacts and results: patient care and management processes have considerably improved not only in terms of time but also in terms of data safety, completeness and reliability. Furthermore, the adoption of decision support systems, directly available at the patient bed, permitted a higher prescriptive appropriateness, a quicker take on of criticalities, and the reduction of the clinical risk.

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust roll out with electronic prescribing from Dedalus UK

Following a thorough clinical workflow configuration and piloting, the Trust has successfully launched ePMA into six Medical Wards and three Emergency Admissions Units over a long weekend. The roll-out, which took place at the end of January, had substantial clinical buy-in from the Trust leadership. Dr Joanne Watson, System Medical Director, stated; “The roll-out was a brilliant team effort and has been such a success that we want to spread to our remaining two adult medical wards and our five community hospital wards relatively quickly – hopefully by April.” The plan is to follow with the surgical wards by the end of June and full Trust roll-out in August – in time for the annual change of new Doctors.


South Devon has been an Integrated Care Organisation for over three years, with acute and community hospitals already working closely together.  “Our ePMA will be used across both acute and community care settings and we want it to integrate with our GPs.  One of the reasons we chose Dedalus was their commitment to working with Primary Care and their alignment with our strategy of full integration and the move towards becoming paperless,” concludes Dr Watson.


Koelliker Hospital entrusted Dedalus with the storage

Koelliker Hospital in Torino chose D-Storage solution by Dedalus for the storage and backup of its medical, administrative and technological data. The initial provision will be of 128 TB net, equal to 336 TB gross.

D-Storage solution is the perfect choice for the storage of any kind of data belonging to healthcare structures, thanks to its high security level and to its very competitive cost, which were made possible by the patented technology combining the advantages of an object storage to the convenience of ARM processors and to the security by design provided by a swarm intelligence that allows numerous data nodes to work in concert to deliver continuity of service.

Onda Award to Niguarda and Papa Giovanni XXIII hospitals

Niguarda Hospital in Milano and Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, both Dedalus customers, were honored, together with other 5 Italian structures, by the National Observatory on Women’s Health (Onda), for providing the best services in terms of multidisciplinary treatment of multiple scleroses during all the stages of women’s life.

The two structures have been acknowledged for their cutting-edge service level and we like to think that Dedalus solutions, such as FarmaSafe@, contributed to their success by supporting the care process.

Monza, San Gerardo Hospital: communication from operating rooms with OrmaWeb

At the hospital San Gerardo in Monza, a multidisciplinary project has been launched, which - thanks to the processes’ digitalization from outpatient visit to operations and surgical records filling out through Ormaweb by Dedalus - permits to display the timings of surgical operations on some monitors installed in the surgical units’ waiting rooms.

The project, which relies on the involvement of hospitalization unit, booking center, surgical units and operating block, permits to keep patients’ families and carers informed about the surgery progress. For each patient – represented with an anonymous identification number – the various steps of the operation will be displayed real-time, in particular the operating block access time and the operating room access and exit time. The system will be used for all patients undergoing scheduled or emergency surgery in the twenty operating rooms of San Gerardo Hospital’s surgical units A-B-C-D-E-F.