Not everyone is aware of the high level of professionalism, precision and availability required to manage a “machine” such as that represented by Customer Service, especially if it is closely linked to the world of Health.

Intrigued, we talked about it with Dedalus Customer Service Operative Manager, Fabio Alvisi, who has been coordinating the technical team 100% dedicated to support and maintenance activities for most of the Dedalus applications installed in their customer site.

F. Alvisi: The Dedalus Customer Service was created to respond to this market in an increasingly qualified and structured manner and that it is right to distinguish them from the others. In fact, here we are witnessing an interesting mix of administrative, accounting, but above all clinical and diagnostic processes, always focused on the fundamental concept of patient and strongly interconnected with each other. We therefore have an important complexity not only technical, but also of functional domain and clinical risk management that my colleagues, thanks to a more than many years experience, have learned to make their own.

Question: can you explain the difference between Help Desk and Service Desk? How is Dedalus positioned?

F. Alvisi: I realize that technological growth leads to a greater and clearer definition of support services. In Dedalus these areas want to be ever more precise, especially with regard to the customer. For efficient and effective management we must all speak the same “dialect”. Incident, request, change, problem are not just words taken from ITIL manuals, but concrete elements declined in everyday processes with the aim of generating value. In this regard, I would like to offer you a first glossary which for Dedalus HD is a fundamental service map.

Help Desk – first level assistance service, for receiving the call of the end users and the eventual resolution of the problem if this concerns basic configuration needs, such as the creation of utilities or a password reset, or use support of the software (user manual). We are therefore not talking about correcting system malfunctions. In this case, in fact, the call is scaled to a second level for the management of real application malfunctions.

Service Desk – second level service. Dedalus has chosen to offer its customers a qualified assistance service that responds to the customer’s HelpDesk, the latter organized on-site with Customer resources or with Dedalus staff to attend, if requested. The Service Desk is based on processes aimed at providing adequate management of software malfunction reports (typically due to corrective maintenance) and operational continuity called incident “jargon”.

Maintenance Assistance: on-site service at the Dedalus customer staff for Help Desk and Project Support. In this case, in addition to offering the Help Desk service (see above), Dedalus resources are also proposed for more complex application configurations, collection of customer requirements, training for end users, support for project roll-out activities, etc.

Question: what distinguishes the Dedalus Service Desk service?

F. Alvisi: among other specificities, I like to remember two:the first concerns the H24x365 coverage, which is organized with the active rotation of the Customer Service staff. This introduces a significant series of advantages for the Customer, not least the possibility of managing the alerts of the application monitoring system (Advanced Monitoring). Obviously, in certain cases, very specific vertical technical and application skills are also required for adequate coverage of the Dedalus suite. For this reason, the active turn of the Customer Service is suitably supported by senior availability services, cross between the Company functions.

The second peculiar characteristic is the strong attention to clinical risk management, a feature obviously required by the very nature of numerous software maintained and now even more structured in relation to the process of extending the certification to Medical Device.

Question: what is the activity of the Operation Manager of this team?

F. Alvisi: My task consists in summary of the operational management of the Service: defining and implementing internal procedures in accordance with business and quality requirements (in particular ISO 20000 and ISO 27000).

Since it is a cross-company function, it is very important to support the dissemination of the processes that directly impact the service: change management, for example, is a passage of information between the colleagues of Delivery / Department and the staff in Basic Assistance for the correct delivery of Customer support.

I am very attached to my role, to the Company and above all to my Team which is made up of extraordinary people always on the front line.

I do not deny that after so many years of daily management of problems, a bit of effort makes itself felt: this is why I take a break from time to time, relieving stress with some climbing in the beloved mountains

Question: upcoming events?

F. Alvisi: The team is planning new service packages that we would like to present to the Dedalus sales force and pre-sales at the beginning of 2020. Important news coming soon!

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