• Dedalus strengthens its leading position in the healthcare IT sector at European and global level by operating in 40 countries worldwide
  • The deal is based on a strong complementarity in the sharing of the same methodologies and technologies for products development
  • The acquisition will enable Dedalus to accelerate the digital transformation of the healthcare ecosystem through its scaled R&D capabilities
  • Dedalus will employ over 5,500 people, with circa 2,000 solely in R&D, generating over 700 million euros in turnover
  • More than 3 billion clinical documents are produced globally each year by professionals using Dedalus solutions

Florence, 21 July 2020 – Dedalus Group, a leading international healthcare software provider, announces that it has reached a binding agreement for the acquisition of the Healthcare Software Solutions division of US-based DXC Technology Company (NYSE: DXC). DXC Technology is one of the world’s largest IT services companies. Dedalus Group is 75% owned by Ardian.

The acquisition firmly establishes Dedalus as a leading global player in the hospital and diagnostic software solutions sector. It now has a presence in over 40 countries, holding leading positions in major European countries, including Germany, Italy, the UK, France and Spain.

With this acquisition, the business will generate future total turnover of around 700 million euros, creating the world’s largest R&D platform for this sector.

DXC Technology’s healthcare software division provides clinical healthcare software solutions for national and regional authorities, hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, general practitioners and outpatients. The business already holds a leading position across the UK/Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Spain, and also a significant position across Northern Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and North America. It covers all aspects of clinical decision-making processes, improving the ability for collaboration of all healthcare stakeholders in the care of patients.

The deal capitalises on significant synergies between the twocompanies that will allow Dedalus to expand its existing business in major European markets, expand into new markets, and establish a long time skilled management team led by Dedalus CEO Andrea Fiumicelli and Giorgio Moretti, Chairman of the Company.

Andrea Fiumicelli, CEO of Dedalus Group, commented: ”This acquisition allows us to make significant strides in becoming a true global player. I am pleased to see the two companies sharing a common goal of catalysing the digital transformation of the global healthcare ecosystem. The healthcare industry is currently evolving significantly, and we look to tap into these changes and support the sector with our expertise and systems.”

Giorgio Moretti, Chairman of Dedalus Group, added: “The integration of DXC’s healthcare software solutions activities into Dedalus Group will accelerate our support and impact on more than 3 million healthcare professionals who operate thanks to our technologies”.

Yann Chareton, Managing Director Ardian Buyout, added: “Since our investment in 2016, we have supported Dedalus’ growth and development and are pleased to see the heights it has reached. Following the prior acquisition of the healthcare IT business of Agfa Group, this deal further enables Dedalus to make a decisive step in its consolidation strategy. We are extremely pleased to see such a significant goal achieved”.

Dedalus was assisted by UBS as financial advisor, CC as legal advisor, BCG for Strategic Due Diligence, KPMG for Accounting and fiscal Due Diligence and Techeconomy for Technical Due Diligence.


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