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Dedalus, leading international industrial Group in healthcare software, represents the highest level of experience and functional completeness in IT systems to support clinical processes

A solution for today’s and tomorrow’s clinical and healthcare needs

The aim of the Dedalus Group is to support healthcare organisations, their professionals and the people thanks to an innovative approach based on complete and process-oriented solutions, centred on clinical collaboration and process optimisation, capable of being activated gradually, while safeguarding the investments that our customers have made in the past. In fact, our D-Four platform makes it possible to seamlessly "insert" new components that provide additional functions to the existing Dedalus solution, without creating any interruptions in the previous solution that can still continue to operate in parallel.


Support services for the implementation of solutions and projects

Application assistance services, system services and outsourcing services are all provided. Dedalus can act as sole interlocutor, taking over existing contracts, simplifying and coordinating them in order to achieve the customer’s objectives in information, technical and economic terms: from application software components to organisational design, from infrastructures to machine rooms, from servers to workstations, all aspects are managed by Dedalus alongside the general management and information systems. A complete, modern and efficient redesign that allows the customer to focus on the objectives to be achieved and their effective assessment.









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