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Private Health Care

Software systems specially designed for clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, analytic laboratories and health care groups.
The solutions are designed to improve efficiency in every area of private health care structures: appointments and reception, billing and management, logistics in the pharmaceutical and materials areas, service organization, diagnostics and clinical folders, wards and operating rooms.
In addition, along with the software, Dedalus also provides the tools that allow each structure to utilize it most effectively: personalized design, training for health care personnel and administrators, organizational consulting.
Improving overall management of activities through information processing, the development of treatment protocols, clinical governance, traceability of operations, protection of privacy, digitalization of health care documents and images, network security: Dedalus is organized to meet all these needs.
That's why, for years now, it has been the leading company in its sector in Italy, serving over 250 structures with an articulated network of experts and consultants whose task it is to understand, tackle and resolve organizational problems in collaboration with the client.
The software design, its production and the sales, assistance and maintenance services are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality system, with explicit reference to information systems for health care structures.
Service quality is guaranteed by an agile information processing system whose size matches that of each structure. Secure and reliable, meeting the needs of health care directors and administrators, operators and the final users: the patients.

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